Artist Statement

Artist Statement


I create because frankly it’s like eating or sleeping, it’s a necessity. The things that influence my art are everything I see, feel and experience.

I find the world around me is overflowing with incredibly interesting people who are begging me to tell their story on my canvas. I want to capture their unique mannerisms, attitudes and personalities. I create with vibrant colors, sculptured shapes and visual movements. I want my figures to say to the viewer “I am beautiful just like I am “. I strive, as many of us do, to be my authentic self. To say “I embrace who I am”. I want to convey through my work that beauty comes in all kinds of shapes, attitudes, mannerisms and that we must through humor embrace who we are.

I’m a people watcher. My eyes lock onto people’s features, attitudes, what they are wearing or doing, or just as importantly how they are feeling. I always make a mental note of things that catch my attention and I begin to create a painting in my head.

I have an idea of who and what I want to paint when I begin but honestly it’s going to change and morph into what it’s supposed to be as if it has a life of its own. That’s how my process begins.

I then begin to choose my palette of colors and other materials that I want to incorporate into my painting. As I begin to draw, then paint, my characters onto the canvas they begin to take on a life of their own. Often in the middle of a creation the painting will transition and take a totally different path than what I had anticipated. It’s as if nothing is moving around me except my hands creating and building my figures until they say to me “I am perfect just like I am”. It’s always a pleasant surprise.

I love to sculpt my figures clothing with Mylar, paper or fabric. Because you never know what will evolve when you use these materials it gives me a delightfully amazing feeling each time. In many paintings I will outline the figures with a German Phosphorescent paint or black light paint that is not visible to the naked eye.

I paint and create because it gives my thoughts about the world around me a platform to be seen and heard.

I do not merely want to capture an image with my brushes and paint, rather I want to bring the figures alive. I want my viewers to see themselves or someone they know in the figures. I want them to make an emotional connection. I want the viewer to put their own story into the figures on the painting.

I studied at Seattle University and Burnely School of Art and the Pratt School of Art both located in Seattle. I am however primarily a self-taught artist. I find experimenting with watercolors, acrylics, inks, dyes, Mylar paper and building mediums have been my best teachers.