About Me


Screenshot_151Whimsical artist Suzanne MacDonald was born and raised in Seattle Washington and now lives in Gilbert Arizona.
” My philosophy leans towards loving the crazy things about yourself and this attitude is reflected in my whimsical people I call The Wiggy’s . I paint my whimsy people with big hands, feet, legs, thighs and lips. I found they have a way of delighting my viewer’s spirit and imagination. ”

I listen to my favorite jazz, R&B or classical music when I paint. I let the rhythmic beat of the music dictate the brush strokes of my figures. The visual differences and experiences of the places I have lived, New York City, Mexico City, Maui, Seattle and Arizona have all greatly influenced my work.

Through the years my passion for creating art continued, but took a backseat to a corporate career, wife and mother. In 2008 I became a widow. My art took a new direction. I began to navigate my way through my grief by painting and writing my emotions onto my canvas. It was truly a healing experience.

I worked hard to get back to the happy, joyful person by nature I always have been. Painting was my conduit to that place of joy again.

I am compelled by the desire to capture moments, emotions and events that stir my soul. I am inspired by life, love and the diversity and emotions of myself and those around me.

The people I paint reflect my triumphs and struggles in life. There is always immense movement and a story to unveil in each work of art. I want to touch a deep emotion with my art…to make you smile, laugh or perhaps see the world around you in a different way.

In most cases you will find a heart incorporated in my paintings, It reminds me no matter what life places in your path it’s important to “keep an open and loving heart.”

I embrace my own uniqueness and hope all who see and enjoy my art do as well.